Saturday, 29 May 2010

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist / Spray V's St. Moriz Mousse Review

I wen't along to Semi-Chem a few weeks ago in the UK to pick up a new bottle of St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse and to my surprise found that they also had St.Moriz Self Tanning MIST in stock! I had never actually seen or heard of the so called "Mist" version of this infamous self tanner before and so was pleasantly pleased with my discovery, especially as it was only £2.99 :) and so, of course, I gave it a go...

The St. Moriz Mist is basically a spray, it comes in a 150 ml can with a spray top (akin to a deoderant can) and the Mousse comes in a 200ml bottle with a pump on top which dispenses the formulation in a bubbly mousse (kind of a given, but hey ho!)

After exfoliating and moisturising the dry areas on your skin (knees, elbows, hands etc) you are directed to "Spray the tanning mist lightly and evenly in continuous sweeping movements 6-12 inches from the body" then "Rub gently into the skin to achieve even tan development." I try to do the spraying in the instructed "evenly" way and it becomes apparent that I am not a tanning pro. I am left with a few big uneven strips of wet brownish liquid across my legs. This is quickly solved however by rubbing the liquid into the skin with my hand until it looks acceptable (like the Mousse it is tinted so you can see how it has applied). I then follow quickly with the thorough washing of my hands as I find that St. Moriz leaves horrible staining on them if not rinsed straight away (a bit of a problem if you set out to tan your whole body - I combat this by stopping for a hand wash pit stop after each section of application - leg, wash hands, other leg, wash hands...) The drying is fast and the end result does not differ much from that of the Mousse... It leaves you with a lovely golden olivey-brown tan which lasts for 2-3 days and does not smell pongy like some other tanners :)

In my opinion, the Mist is a good idea and was an exciting discovery, but, I do find the Mousse easier to apply... You simply dispense it in your hand and rub it in instead of trying to control the spray - which you end up having to rub in with your hand anyways.

To conclude, the Mist was good for a change, and if like me you are not an expert in applying tan stick to the mousse.

For you guys also in the UK, St. Moriz can also be found in TX Maxx, Savers and Sally's, failing that there are several reputable online suppliers - check out Amazon, for example!

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