Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Drugstore Foundation of the Moment: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

As far as drugstore foundations go I usually buy Revlon foundations (with Revlon ColorStay being my favourite, followed by Revlon PhotoReady.) But, when I paid my local Superdrug a visit to purchase a new darker foundation due to my skin developing a decent tan from being on holiday in Egypt, I found myself trying out Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I loved the fresh look of the model and the fun and fruity design in the ads and as they had it on offer at £7.99 I was drawn to it and thought I would try something new. I went for colour 54 'Beige' which seemed like the perfect colour for my current tan'ness, baring in mind I am usually quite fair skinned.

The first thing I noticed about this is the smell. It has a lovely fruity smell (quite like peaches) that actually lasts on the skin and almost brightens my mood when I get a whiff of it in work. As for the formulation it is'nt runny but has a decent thickness and is quite creamy so when I apply it with my foundation brush it goes on well, settling into the skin as a slightly matte base, leaving my skin feeling velvety smooth with a nice dewy glowing look. This stays put throughout my working day and does not slide/wype off easily. I have sensitive skin which is often dry in areas and therefore I need to be careful of which products I allow to grace it but I found this to be quite comforting for my skin. It keeps it fairly moisturised and does not dry it out or make it feel tight like some other foundations. The benefit about the packaging is that it has a pump which I beleive is more convenient and hygienic, also you can clearly see how much is left in the bottle which avoids you unexpectedly running out. I'm not so sure if the described "fruits" and "vitamins" within this mixture actually have any benefit but if I were to trust what Bourjois say then the fact it contains such components is good also.

Now, for the bad points... I found that on first application it seems like quite a nice colour but then after a little time it seems to oxidise and starts to orange. With looking orange being one of my pet hates this is not so desirable and so I found to keep it at bay I have to apply a lighter tanned powder over the top. I use a discontinued AVON mineralise loose powder for this which I just sweep over my face. The bad things about the packaging is that it is quite cheap and plasticy and not very sturdy. Lastly, after a few days of full usage a few little spots seem to appear on my t-zone - nothing considerate or controversial as this often happens to my skin due to makeup but it needs to be noted :-)

Overall, this is not a wonder product and I will not be swapping my Revlon Colorstay for this temporarily, but it made for a nice little change and as far as drugstore foundations go I would recommend trying this one as it is far better than some.

(Excuse how sleepy I look in this pic - It was taken after a tiring day in work!)


Have you tried Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation...? Think I will try this next time!

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  1. This is the foundation I use all the time. I LOVE it!