Monday, 17 May 2010

Nail Polish Love of the Moment: China Glaze - Agent Lavender

To satisfy my current obsession with pastel nails I rummaged through my nail polish drawer checking out all of the light colours in my collection. I came across a few forgotten polishes which met my criteria, but one in particular stood out...

China Glaze - Agent Lavender.

This is a pale lilac/light blue polish, it is quite a cold muted colour but bright at the same time (if that makes sense at all) and looks wonderfully powdery and creamy. A gorgeous light tan works a treat with this and it also seems to match a lot more outfits than I had originally thought it would!

I had this on today and after just a few hours of wearing it I had received several compliments which has only increased my love for it now :-)

Also, it needs to be noted that this, like most China Glaze polishes, glides on with little hassle and dries like a dream. However, as it is quite a light opaque polish two coats were needed, which tends to be the norm for me anyways!

Have you tried 'Agent Lavender' or do you have any other pastel recommendations?

Any opinions are welcomed :-)


  1. Hi hun thanks for you comment, I havent tried that colour from jessica, but normally theyre all great no matter what colour, great coverage noe gaps etc! xx

  2. Hey :-) Thanks for the reply, yeah I have had a few recommendations to Jessica polishes now. I will definately be trying them out, starting off with Bikini Blue! I'm sure I will write a post about it ;-)

  3. God I love this colour. I have never seen it before but now I NEED it!