Thursday, 13 May 2010


It could be referred to as 'Jumping on the Blog Wagon...' But call it what you may, after stumbling across this amazingly weird yet wonderful world of blogging I am yet another victim that could not fight it, and - dare I say - has caught the blog bug! Thus, leading me to create this very here journal...

‘Amour Du Moment,' translated to 'Love of the Moment,' is all about my love for Beauty, Fashion, Photography and Art and will document my current adorations and obsessions!

I will share the photographic spreads of fashion and beauty that I am currently being dazzled by, the architecture or interiors that I have been awed by, the smell of a scent of perfume that I have been subdued by, the jewellery that I am being gemmed by, the styles or outfits or material that I am drawn to, or the colours or sparkles of an eye shadow, nail polish or lip gloss that I am smitten with.

To sum it up, this is my blog in which I will share my inspiration and loves of the moment, as well as give my reviews on beauty and fashion products and brands and write my general thoughts and opinions on anything of current interest to me!

A blogger will be made of me yet!

~ Ali

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  1. You have a great blog here :)
    Enjoy the world of blogging :D
    I've followed you on here & on twitter :)