Friday, 14 May 2010

Love of the Moment: Pale Blue Nails... The Chanel Mystery Colour & Jessica 'Bikini Blue' Nail Polish?

Lately I have been searching for a pale blue nail polish to complete my collection of pastel nail colours, which currently consists of pale pinks, lavenders, creamy light yellows and mint greens but no pale blue... And it seems like I couldn’t be any more on trend!

After reading an article it seems like it could be the new “It” colour to have after Chanel show cased a reported “pretty” powdery pale blue colour on their models nails at a Chanel Cruise fashion show this week in St. Tropez!

The Chanel colour has yet to be named and has raised many questions on what it will be called and most importantly, when it will be released!??

As I doubt I will be able to get my hands on the particular Chanel colour I continued my search online today for a similar pastel-y pale blue due to my search in the high street ending with no leads!

So far I have stumbled across a promising looking Jessica nail polish – in ‘Bikini Blue’ and at a sale price too (of £7.99 at! The Jessica nail brand was actually recommended to me in a salon in Egypt in March where I was getting a mid holiday pampering and as I have yet to purchase any of their products this could be the perfect time to try them out!

Let me know if anyone reading has tried Jessica polishes or more importantly 'Bikini Blue'?

So prettily gorgeous, right?

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  1. woo love the color! :)