Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nail Polish Love of the Moment: SEPHORA by OPI 'How Cute is That?' Nail Polish

I am totally feeling coral lips, cheeks, accessories, coral everything at the moment, and so when I came across this beautiful coral-y pink nail polish during one of my rummaging sessions in my uncontrollable nail polish collection, I was pleasantly surprised :)

Meet SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour in 'How Cute is That?'...

This is a lovely bright and interesting colour, according to Sephora it is a "Vintage Pink Coral," in some lights it appears more orange and in others pink - always with a lovely subtle golden shimmer running through. Whatever the exact colour is I think it is bright & beautiful!

I picked this up in July 2008 on a trip to the US, along with a few equally pleasing SEPHORA by OPI nail colours... Although I love the colours I purchased it needs to be noted that this range is NOT as good of quality as OPI's own brand nail polish. They seem to be a lot runnier/watery and a good 3 thin coats are needed. So if you are looking for a nail polish for applying in a hurry I would give these a miss.

All my own opinion of course :-)

I'm sure I will post about the other colours that I had purchased from SEPHORA by OPI in the not so distant future!

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