Thursday, 13 May 2010

Makeup Interest of The Moment: MAC Pret -a-Papier Summer 2010 Collection - To buy or not to buy?

Despite reading reviews describing MAC's Pret-a-Papier Collection (Released April 2010 in the USA and May 2010 in the UK) as being somewhat dismissible I quite like the look of the collection. Especially the pale but interesting girlie models laden with paper bows and cardboard buttons. Rather comparable to china dolls with porcelain skin and swishes of peachy coral coloured cheeks. Although, I would not like to have been one of those models in those dresses (paper cuts galore - awch!) I do however love the look. And, so I have found myself debating over which products to order...

The particular products I have my eye on are...

Mineralise Blusher in 'Light Over Dark'
Blusher in 'Instant Chic'
Lipstick in 'Dress Maker, Dress Maker' (Second from left)

Did you order from Mac Pret-a-Papier??

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