Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Love of the Moment:: Soft Jewellery

Spotted some great "Soft" jewellery in the fashion mags recently and it seems as though this trend is catching on the high street too! I was browsing the jewellery stands in TopShop and Accesorize and spotted a few lovely pieces, but after asssessing the prices I realised that I might as well make my very own soft jewellery peices using ribbon, strands of scrap material and old broken fashion necklaces that I somehow still have in my jewellery box. I might even possibly end up creating something pretty and unique at little cost :) Keep tuned for my creations!

Also, it looks like I couldn't be more on trend! ;) on Soft Jewellery...

"From woven chiffon to braided rope, fabric jewelry is the season's must-have accoutrement"


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