Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lippie Love of the Moment: AVON Ultra Colour Rich Extra Plump Lipstick in Dazzling Pink

My Mum & I are Avon Representatives - something we do as a sort of hobby ever since I started it when I was in high school. We therefore from time to time find little gems amongst the brochures offerings. Like this lippie...

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Extra Plump Lipstick in 'Dazzling Pink';

My Mum ordered this for herself and as she had been raving about it I had to try it out. It was then, in a matter of seconds of it touching my lips, I found myself ordering one too.

It is a great every day lipstick in a beautiful pink colour that is not too in-your-face and seems to really suit my skin tone (for you non pink fans they have several other lovely colours in this lipstick too). The main beauty of this lippie is that it adds volume to your pout whilst providing a lovely rich colour. It has two layers to it - the outside layer being the rich shimmery colour and the inside containing the plumping formula. It slightly tingles on the lips, which according to Avon means its working away at "increasing circulation to improve lips’ fullness," but the tingling is not excessive. I have sensitive lips/skin and unlike some other lip plumpers I don't find this harsh at all. I don't think it greatly largens the lips but it defenitely gives them a lovely plump boost and with it being a sheen lipstick with slight shimmer throughout it makes them look slightly glossy and healthy. Also noteable is the smell...I love the smell of this - sweet and minty, yum! :) Lastly, it contains SPF15, a crucial factor for this time of year ;)

If you have got your hands on an Avon book I would recommend ordering this from your local representative. It is usually £7.00 in the book but often there are deals on so keep your eyes peeled for a little bargain! :)


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